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What is Microsoft 365 and how it works

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Microsoft 365 is a subscription service for business, family, and home computer users that has absorbed Office 365. It’s a cloud-based service that will provide you with the computer capabilities you need, whether you’re a business, individual, school, or charity. There’s a subscription plan to suit every user. You can subscribe to different versions like Microsoft 365 Personal, or Microsoft 365 Family, Microsoft 365 Business, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise, all tailor-made for users in those categories.

The options include the secure Outlook email and calendar app, OneDrive cloud storage, other apps listed in this article, advanced security, and useful templates. You can install Microsoft 365 on different devices, including PCs, tablets, Macs, and phones.

What is Microsoft 365 and how it works

Can you still get Office only?

Because Microsoft 365 absorbed Office 365, Microsoft has created another option for people who still want the office suite separately. Called Office 2021, it has home, student, and business versions and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams. However, it is now a subscription service and cannot be bought outright as before.

How to use Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 includes the traditional suite of apps from Office 365, which it has absorbed. It has also added others so that you can do just about anything. This is what the apps are for:

  • Word: Millions of people use the best-known word processor around.
  • PowerPoint: Display your ideas to an audience in an office or an educational scenario.
  • Excel: The standard spreadsheet for creating, viewing, and sharing information files.
  • One Note: Digital notebook. You can record audio or type.
  • Access: Create a database for storing all the information you want to keep.
  • Publisher: App for page layout and design, including styling text, borders, and pictures.
  • Microsoft Editor: Corrects grammar and spelling and gives style suggestions.
  • Microsoft Teams: Connect with everyone in your life via chats and video calls.

How much is Microsoft 365?

For individuals, Microsoft 365 Personal is $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

For families and households of up to six people, Microsoft 365 Family is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Office Home and Student 2021 is $149.99 and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams for PC and Mac.

Office Home and Business 2021 is $249.99. It comes with everything in Office Home and Student 2021, plus Outlook for PC and Mac and the rights to use the apps for business purposes. Subscribers will automatically receive updates to the apps.

What is Microsoft 365 and how it works

How to add fonts to Microsoft 365

Using cloud fonts is the best way to get new ones into your Microsoft 365 programs and apps. They’re stored on Microsoft servers until you need them. You may have seen cloud fonts. They show in the font lists in Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac. Look for an icon that has a cloud and arrow.

Microsoft 365 will automatically download and install a cloud font in a few minutes If you open a document that uses a cloud font. Unlike other fonts, there’s no need to switch to the font installation part of Windows or macOS. Once you’ve installed a cloud font, it’s a standard font, available in any Microsoft 365 app, and the cloud icon vanishes.

You download a custom font through the operating system. In Windows, go through the system’s Fonts folder in the Windows Control Panel. On a Mac, use the Font Book to add a font and then copy it to the Windows Microsoft Compatible folder.

New features in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has introduced a few cool new features. More are expected in the future, perhaps like a password manager. It has made existing apps like Microsoft Editor and Microsoft Teams available in the package and has also added a few that are brand new.

Money in Excel

This new feature allows you to connect your credit card and bank account from Excel. Then you can download details like your transactions and import them into a budget spreadsheet. This is part of a Microsoft move to assist with life in general and work and school.

Family Safety

Microsoft 365 has extra security features, including Microsoft Family Safety. It’s an app for Android as well as iPhone that allows parents to manage screen time on Windows, Xbox, and Android. It also has location-sharing capabilities like notifications when family members arrive at school or work or leave home.

What is Microsoft 365 and how it works

Create projects easily

Microsoft 365 is carrying on the company’s long-standing tradition of providing outstanding computer software for students, homes, and businesses. The software giant never stops making changes and improving, upgrading, and adding to its products. Microsoft 365 is a perfect example. It has built on Office 365 and its predecessors, maintaining what was good and adding new features in its continuous quest to improve.

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